Privacy Policy

We, the dedicated team of this website, respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of any user of the Footballbettingz.

This Privacy Policy has been made to inform you about how we deal with the personal information you entrust to us. It will let you find out just how we collect, manage, and use any data you provide us with. Since putting your trust in us is such a big matter, we consider that it’s your right to know everything about the way we handle your data.

As such, we encourage you to read all of this carefully and if possible, make a copy of it that you can keep safe. If you have any concerns regarding the privacy policy, please contact us directly before you go to the applicable data protection authority.

Type of Information We Collect

We collect multiple types of information to not only help us identify you, but also know what your preferences are for browsing the site and also improve the platform to suit you better.

First of all, we collect non-identifiable information. This type of information can be collected when you access the Footballbettingz and use the services. Although we’re collecting this, it doesn’t let us know who the person behind the information is.

The type of non-personal information we collect includes the way you use the services. This could refer to the amount of time you spent on each page, as well as the pages you accessed, the actions you performed, and so on. We collect this for analytics and research, as it can help us improve the Footballbettingz in the future and know what people are more interested in our services.

We also collect technical information that your computer is transmitting. This includes information about the hardware and software, such as the language preference, what browser you use, what operating system you have, and so on.

Aside from this, we also collect personal, or identifiable information. This is the type of information that allows us to identify you and thus know who the real person behind the screen is. The type of information can be collected when you register on our platform, for instance. Signing up requires you to enter certain data about yourself like your name, email address, and some others.

Subscribing to our newsletters is yet another way to help us identify you and collect your information. In order to subscribe to the newsletter, you have to give us your email address. If you post a comment on the platform, we will also ask for your email address and your name, which will give us the chance to identify you.

Not to mention, if you contact us through the live chat feature, we will collect your information too, depending on how much information you provide us with for your request.

Why Are We Collecting Your Data?

Data collection is done for various reasons. First of all, if you reach out to us or subscribe to our newsletter, we need a way to contact you. Giving us your information will help us do so, as we would not be able to reach back to you without your email address or phone number.

There’s more to it than that, though. We also need to collect your data so we can personalize the website and thus improve the areas that need improvement. We care a lot about the well-being of our clients and want them to have the best experience ever. That being said, collecting your information will help us make a better platform, for you and other present and future customers.

By submitting your data, you also gain access to our products and services. Our offers would not be available without your personal information.

Surveys may be conducted sometimes. In this case, we are also going to need your personal information. We have to contact you to perform the surveys.

Other than that, some information will be collected so we can comply with the law. We have a list of restricted territories and we also have different versions of the website for all available territories. As such, the information we collect from you will allow us to redirect you to the right website.


Most websites collect cookies, and ours is not an exception. Cookies can be very helpful when it comes to customizing your experience on the site. They are files that get stored in a special folder on your computer and will serve as trackers for the way you visit and interact with the platform. For instance, it can help memorize your particular preferences when browsing pages.

You should be aware that there are different types of cookies that we collect. “Session cookies” are the type of cookies that are only stored for a temporary period during a browsing session. Once you close the browser, they are automatically deleted from your device. The second type is “persistent cookies”, which stay on your computer for a certain period and only our site can read. These cookies can, for instance, let us know who you are if you are repeatedly visiting the website. Lastly, we have third party cookies, which other websites set. For instance, some companies that serve as third-party analytics may need to know how you’re interacting with the website and what pages you’re accessing.

You can choose whether you allow us to collect cookies or not. Enabling cookies means you’re okay with the way we use cookies. You can disable cookie collection too. However, doing so will limit the way you use our website. Basically, you may not have access to certain pages of features without cookie collection. More than that, you can always change your mind and thus change the setting you made.

It’s also possible for you to manually delete the files stored on your computer when necessary.

How Long Is Your Personal Information Kept in the Records?

You should know that the personal data we get from you will be kept for a certain amount of time. For the entire period, you’re using our website, we will have to retain your information for the purposes stated earlier. However, we may have to still maintain your data after you stop using or platform too.

In case you make any legal claim against us, we are going to need the information to defend ourselves, in which case we have to keep it for an appropriate period. So, be aware that even if you don’t use the site anymore, the data may be maintained for a few years.

You can rest assured we will store it safely and not allow anyone unauthorized to see your information or gain access to it.

When We’re Sharing Information with Third Parties

In general, this site doesn’t share the customers’ information with third parties. However, in some instances, it may be necessary. We need to meet certain legal obligations with third parties, so your personal information may have to be shared in such a situation. Moreover, some parties offer you services on your behalf, in which case personal data will have to be shared as well.

But there are other reasons why we may have to share your personal information, such as:

  • Having to reach back to you when you made a request or inquiry
  • For exercising, establishing or defending the legal rights of our company
  • When any transactional analysis will have to be performed
  • Whenever we have to check updates for some of our systems or test new systems
  • When we need to prevent, detect or prosecute crimes

Keep in mind that if someone is suspected or discovered to engage in fraudulent behavior, we will have to share the personal information with the right legal authorities. Other than the reasons stated on this page, though, we will not share information with any third party.

How to Contact Us?

Do you want to reach out to us? It’s very easy, and you can use three different methods. You can message us through the live chat which is available most of the time. Another very popular method is contacting us by email. If none of these are convenient for you, we have a phone number available where you can call us and tell us all of your concerns or problems.

The team will make sure to respond as soon as possible so the issue can be solved in an appropriate amount of time.

Also, bear in mind that you can also contact our data protection officer by email if you have any concerns or problems with the Privacy Policy.

Changing the Privacy Policy

Information on this page is subject to change at any time. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to look on the page from time to time and make sure you know what’s going on with the privacy on the platform. For major changes, we may notify you directly.

If you keep using the site after the update, it indicates that you agree with the new Privacy Policy rules. You should stop using the site if you don’t agree with the changes.