Italian Serie A Odds Comparison

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Serie A Betting Odds

Italian football betting used to be very popular in the past. This league is not strong as it once was but it is still quite popular and considered to be one of “Big Five” leagues. If you are one of those bettors who still like to bet on this league, there are a few things you should know. Italy Serie A betting odds are usually high but not every bookmaker has the same offer. That’s why we here at Footballbettingz came up with the solution. Use our Serie A odds comparison tool and find the best odds in the league. This will increase your potential winnings and your overall profit in the long run.

Get the best odds for Italian Serie A matches

Serie A match betting is quite interesting because you can never know which team will prevail in the end. This is, by far, the most-tense football league. The biggest derby match in this league is called Derby della Madonnina, also known as Derby di Milano. It is a derby between Inter Milan and A.C. Milan, only two teams from Milan that have won European cup. You will usually get high Italian Serie A Odds on this match due to the popularity of the match. Another popular derby is Derby della Capitale between two teams from capital city Rome, Lazio and Roma. There are a couple of more derbies that aren’t so interesting lately, for example, derby in Turin between Juventus and Torino. However, Juventus is too strong and you won’t get high odds.

Serie A winner odds

Although two teams from Milan, Inter Milan and A.C. Milan used to dominate this league, they are not so dominant anymore. Juventus is confidently sitting at the throne for 9 years straight. However, there are some special outright Serie A betting options you can try in this league. Of course, you can bet on the winner of the league each year. Serie A title odds are usually low on Juventus but you can try to find a team that can parry them and maybe win the league. You can also try to bet on the top scorer or teams that will finish in top 3. Whatever you choose, make sure to first check Serie A betting odds on our website and find the best ones for your bet.