French Ligue 1 Odds Comparison

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Ligue 1 Betting Odds

Are you interested in Ligue 1 Betting? If you are, you came just to the right place. We here have prepared an ultimate Ligue 1 odds comparison tool so you can always get the best odds. French Ligue 1 odds can vary on so many different levels. You can never know where to find the best odds unless you check every single bookmaker. However, we made things easier for you. Our website will always lead you to the highest available odds on the market. You don’t have to do anything manually. Just come here and check the odds for every game from the league. Increase your profit and have fun at the same time.

Get the best odds from French Ligue 1 matches

Truth to be told, Ligue 1 fixtures aren’t so popular in the betting community. Besides, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Marseille, Stade Rennes and Lille, there aren’t many competitive teams in this league. Ever since Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) took over PSG in 2012, this club is constantly dominating the league due to the high amount of money invested in the club. They won 7 league trophies and only Monaco managed to get in their way and take the trophy in 2016. Therefore, France Ligue 1 betting odds are always low on PSG. However, if you are familiar enough with the league, you can always bet on other teams and make a profit.

Ligue 1 outright winner odds

When it comes to Ligue 1 outright winner betting, almost everyone bets on PSG. Ligue 1 winner odds are constantly low on them but you can use our website to find the highest ones available. There is also a possibility for another team to win the league. If Monaco could do it in 2016, maybe Lyon can do it next year. Who knows? They currently have a decent squad and the odds will be high for sure. Odds in France Division 1 are always high on every team that isn’t PSG. Try to find the team that has a chance of winning a championship and find the best available odds on our website. You can also bet on top scorer or on a team to finish in Top 3.