Predictions Today

Football and soccer predictions are tips issued by knowledgeable individuals who analyse an upcoming game and try to predict which team would win. If you love football betting. You should take a look at the tips and choose the football predictions that you like the most!

What is a Football Prediction?

The term is widely used in betting markets as most punters agree that predictions can help them calibrate their bets and drive the best possible results.

In general, a prediction usually has a high chance of success if the bet type is simpler. In other words, a 1×2 bet has a higher chance of being successful than a Correct Score bet. A football prediction on any game takes into consideration stats, previous goals and odds to come up with a model and successfully analyse who the most likely winner of an event would be.

Today, predictions are highly popular, and the majority of bettors turn to trusted tipsters to try and pinpoint the most likely outcome of the game they are betting on. That’s why Footballbettingz has decided to bring you the most reliable and helpful insights into the world of football through our football predictions.

Which Leagues Do You Provide Football Predictions for?

We make a point of covering all major events. We run numerous predictions for upcoming matches and issue football betting tips and predictions on major competitions and leagues, including but not limited to:

  • The English Premier League
  • Sky Betting Championship
  • LaLiga
  • Bundesliga
  • SuperLiga
  • Lig 1

We offer extensive coverage of each event with odds updated in real-time to provide you with the most accurate and important information you need to make a bet win. We cover weekly as well as weekend games with our predictions and odds.

Weekend Football Betting Tips

The weekend matches follow the same logic as regular games. Sometimes, the weekend just so happens to be packed with more important games, and that’s when we will provide you with tailored football betting tips.

Each football prediction we post is unique, and it takes multiple things into consideration, including past scores, the present match-up, and the teams playing. We will not only provide you with an analysis of a specific match but also tip you off if you should be betting on it in the first place.

Today’s Football Tips & Predictions

We strive to always provide you with the latest scores, odds and analyses. Therefore, our experienced team will issue football tips daily. You can always come back and look up what football predictions we have posted today to help you calibrate your bets a little better.

Our previews are based on several important factors – odds, past results for each team, current form, as well as our own ability to see some slight changes in the game of a team that might put them ahead in their next match-up, despite what the odds suggest.

In the end, we leave facts to dictate any recommendations we issue to give you the best odds of winning a bet.

When Are Your Football Predictions Posted?

Before we post our score or game predictions, we always ask ourselves several important questions before we issue a recommendation:

  1. Do we have enough information to go on?
  2. Are these the best odds we can base our decision on?
  3. Do we have an expert on the specific teams we cover?
  4. Should we be conservative or aggressive with our recommendations?

We usually post our predictions a day or two before an event, as we keep track of developments in real-time and make sure to adjust our tips if anything new crops up.

 How do Experts Predict a Match?

To successfully predict the outcome of a game, you need to understand football. Our experts are not only analysts, but they are also former footballs, commentators and analysts. The team behind the previews and tips is perfectly aware of present game dynamics.

Of course, it takes both skills as well as knowledge to be able to call the outcome of a game successfully. Yet, our team’s analysis allows the majority of our previews to pan out in the end. We cover all major competitions and approach each bet with the experience of our entire team, which packs over 40 years of watching, commenting, and analysing football games.