English Premier League Odds Comparison

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English Premier League Betting Odds

Everyone who likes to bet on football is aware of the importance of having the right odds for the match they want to bet on. The good thing is that most major online bookmakers will cover Premier League Betting, so you will be able to find odds in many places. When you find high EPL odds, you have a higher chance of getting high winnings. On top of that, you should also consider going for the most competitive odds you can find. Fortunately, you can always use Footballbettingz in order to compare the league odds and find what you should place your bets on.

Getting the best odds for Premier League matches

Most times, many favorite teams face underdogs in matches, whether you bet on the English Premier League markets. Since all these teams are so strong and have a rich history, it’s essential to find the best betting odds. It’s likely for the odds to be low for favorite teams which is not even profitable for bets. So, you should always check where you can find the highest English Premier League odds so you can make high profits.

English Premier League outright winner odds

Betting on English Premier League does not necessarily have to be betting on a match-winner. This league has a lot of betting options and sometimes it is smart to bet on futures. For example, you can bet on Premier League Winner before the league even starts. Remember the season 2015/2016 when Leicester won the league? The Premier League odds for outright markets on Leicester were 5,000 and UK national bookmakers lost over €25 million that year. A lot of people wagered small amounts of money and walked away with thousands. However, some bookmakers offered way lower odds which resulted in lower payments for lucky winners. Make sure to always check and compare outright odds before placing your bets.